Xi (Volunteer from China)
Its Truly an amazing place than can bring me Joy. The principal couples are awesome. I really admire what they do and wish I could do someday. Thank you for the opportunity

Lucy Inderieden (Volunteer from Bloomington (USA)

Lucy Inderieden (Volunteer from Bloomington (USA)
I feel Blessed to say I have met these girls and honored to say I have learned from bharti and joy as well. I will never forget the experience and will try to keep in touch. Thank you from the bottom of the heart

Kelley Ducharme (Volunteer from Canada)

Kelley Ducharme (Volunteer from Canada)
This experience has truly been extraordinary, from all these smart girls to the NGO Authorities. I am amazed by the work done at this ngo without funding which makes me feel proud to get associated. I am thankful to be a part of it.

Fiona Giunta, Belgium
What an honor for me to have met these young girls and to have been part of this organization. I loved every second of it. I will never forget you, from the bottom of my heart. Thank You !

Song Yi, China
I feel lucky to have chance to teach the girls. I feel they have amazing talent and wish them they can accomplish their dreams in future. Just they need is a simple support and we all should join them to make a difference.

Vidhant Jain – O2 Cafe (Pottery Workshop Partners)
I loved how everyone was immersed with clay. I loved the girls enjoying it and have a huge talent and can achieve more in life. More power to everyone and It is a pleasure I could contribute my talent among these girls to make a differene and spread smile among them

RJ Devangan (95 FM Tadka)
Amazing work with super team work. Keep it up. Head up Negativity down. Love you all for the great work you do which needs more courage!! Love you!!

Carina Rayga,Lima Peru
I feel I am part of this NGO, They are doing such an incredible Job and transforming life of the girls in Rajasthan. Would love to work with you through out my life. Thanks for giving me the opportunity. Girls Power!!

Apoorv Saxena – Professor (Jyoti Vidhyapeeth Women University)
A wonderful experience with the children. A vibrant energy prevails in the premises. Thanks to the entire staff for working tirelessly for the welfare of the girls.Keep up the good work!

Dr Nimita Singh HOD) S.S.Jain Subodh P.G.Collage, Jaipur
PraveenLata Sansthan is doing an amazing job in the field of girls Education. We really enjoyed talking to the girls who shared their problems with us and tried to identify solutions for it. Although a small contribution but we are indeed thankful for giving us the opportunity to join to make a difference.

Dr Medhavi Gautam
Nutritionist (Gautam Hospital)
PraveenLata Sansthan is doing a compassionate work – a great cause for the girl child education, safety & hygiene. All the leaders are very hardworking & dedicated. God Bless All!


Ranoo Srivastava
Jaipur Chairperson ALL Ladies League and Women Economic Forum
PraveenLata Sansthan is doing a compassionate work – a great cause for the girl child education, safety & hygiene. All the leaders are very hardworking & dedicated. God Bless All!

Neha Soni Mahatma Gandhi Dental Collage and Hospital, Sitapura
We conducted a dental camp in PLS with their cooperation and collaboration in smile express. IT was a very useful & good camp. PLS is doing a great work for these girls and community, because these girls are future of India. Thank you so much. All the best for their bright future!

Kritika Singh (Bangkok)
We are Proud of PraveenLata Sansthan, they are doing commendable job, the help we got from this NGO has given our whole family satisfaction and happiness. We leave giving lot of blessings to this NGO and the beautiful children they help who are the face of the future of the world. Wishing them a lot of success to all those kids.

Avinash and Anandita Agarwal (Visitors)
Amazing Place, Had lots of fun with the children. A very new experience. The best birthday celebration I Had. The Lovely children made my day.Keep it up. Looking forward to visit again