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PLS has two types of Volunteers:

1.) E-Volunteers

This program is for anyone who is looking to help our cause, but is not able to find time and help in person. Type of work E-Volunteer do:

  • Write Articles on Children and Women Issues.
  • Promote PLS on Social Media.
  • Design Content including Training PPTs, Videos, etc. for different PLS programs.
  • Conducting Webinars or remote sessions for PLS programs.
  • Help with creation of Marketing Campaigns, CSR Reports, Case Studies, etc.

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2) Ground Breakers

This program is for anyone who is up for a challenge and looking to make actual ground impact in the society. Though a full-time commitment is not required, Ground Breakers do still need to show some on ground effort, before inducted into this program.

The type of work Ground Breakers do:

  • Conduct Door-to-Door Surveys, mainly in depressed areas like Slums.
  • Initiate discussions with people living in targeted depressed areas.
  • Plan, Schedule and Conduct programs in targeted depressed areas.
  • Do fund-raising by contacting and meeting CSR heads of different organizations.

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